STEM Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us once again and most of us have a kid or two on our list to buy for. As you rush to pick up those last minute gifts this season why not include some educational STEM toys in the mix; these items are lots of fun for kids while sneaking in some scientific lessons into playtime.

  1. Goldieblox – this toy has been a favourite in our house since we got it as a gift last Christmas. It’s an engineering-themed toy which encourages kids (and girls especially) to learn about some basic physics concepts- things like pulleys and gears are the main building blocks used to create a variety of “machines”. Since it’s introduction different variations and add-on sets have been created so you have lots of different building tools to choose from.



2. Metal Detector– this toy is especially fun for the toddler set. They’ll love testing out various items around the house to see if they’re metal or not. It also keeps little bodies active by encouraging them to go hunting through the house for different items to test.


3. Rosie Revere Engineer – This is a great book for young girls looking for a spunky engineering role model. A must-read to encourage young kids to never give up- the lesson in this cute book is that you only fail if you never try!


4. Lego – For kids and adults alike, you can’t go wrong with lego under the tree- the original engineering toy! It encourages young builders to not only think creatively, but also analytically to make their structures solid and secure. With all the specialized sets out there nowadays, you’ll find just the right version for your little (or big!) one.



5. Linkitz– Special mention goes to this toy as it’s only available for pre-order right now (unfortunately it won’t make it under your tree for the holidays). It’s a cool new friendship bracelet made up of links, which behave differently based on which ones are used together. It’s a fun way to introduce logic and programming concepts to young wearers. Can’t wait until ours arrives!


Happy shopping! And all the best this holiday season *<:-)

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