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Hello and welcome to our first blog post! The goal of our blog, much like that of our store, is to help introduce children and their parents (since many of the little ones won’t be able to read this just yet!) to fun and entertaining ideas related to science.

We aim to make learning about the world around us interesting and engaging through the introduction fun activities (so much fun they won’t even realize they’re learning!) and cool resources available to you online and in your community.

Here you’ll also find discussions about current topics in the news- really exciting stuff, we promise- like stories about the proposed mission to Mars or neat discoveries in the field of medicine that can really improve our lives.

Our hope is that you’ll check in often and that you’ll let us know if you hear anything new and exciting that we can incorporate here as well. Some of our planned posts include: science-themed birthday parties, biology scavenger hunts and easy home-made experiments, so be sure to come back and visit us again soon!

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