Hello and welcome to our little science store! My name is Frances Karulas and I’m founder and head designer of this site. I am also mom to the most amazing, inquisitive and adventurous 4-year old girl, who has been the inspiration for our store’s inception and evolution.

The idea for this shop came about a few years ago as my daughter was just starting to grow out of her baby phase and into her toddler years; like many moms with growing daughters, I noticed that the majority of clothes and toys marketed toward girls were vastly different from those aimed at boys. I didn’t like the lack of diversity in our options and found that some of the fun ideas targeted at boys weren’t being actively introduced to girls.

I am a software developer by profession and a science lover in general, so I was always interested in the inclusion of science-themed games and concepts in my daughter’s repertoire of toys, but it soon occurred to me that her clothing could be “smarter” as well. While I don’t mind pink clothing and am even comfortable with a princess or two, these types of ideas should definitely not to be a girl’s only options. Why not give her the choice to wear fun, colorful clothing that depicts ideas that go beyond the stereotypical fairy-tale concepts.


GirlGenius1_373 GirlGenius1_131


I played around with different designs for quite a few years before finally feeling ready to launch this store in June of 2015. These designs are intended to be fun, engaging and educational at the same time. Some might make you giggle, some might make you think, some might do neither(!), but we hope you’ll check back often as science is always changing and so are we!

If you have feedback about this site, ideas for fun and engaging science-themed designs, or just want to say hi I’d love to hear from you! Please send a note to info@mygirlgenius.com.

Thanks for stopping by and please come again!