A snow experiment- before it’s gone!

Here in Toronto over the last few weeks we’ve had an unpredictable mix of winter and spring weather; we’ve gone from mini blizzards to double digit temperatures in a matter of days. Despite this week’s high temps, we did have enough of a dumping of snow last week that there might be juuuust enough snow left to try this simple and easy experiment with your youngster. This is very well suited for the pre-school and kindergarten set.

The idea is to introduce the concept of state change using snow. What we did was fill 4 containers with the quickly disappearing mound from our front yard and we placed them each in a different “environment” which provided a different temperature. One went in the freezer, one in the fridge, one inside our house and the final one on the front porch. We then made a list of predictions about what would happen to the snow in each container (this is a great chance for your pre-schooler to practice writing some letters as well!).

This is what our containers of snow looked like before we place them in their environments:IMG_6453

After 2 hours we looked at each of the containers and recorded what we were seeing. We also did this the next morning.

Our containers at the 2 hour mark:


Simple, fun and educational- just the way learning should be! If you want to give this a try, do it quickly; come the end of this week the snow will likely be all gone! Happy experimenting!



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